Deer Valley Bookkeeping Services, LLC

Outsource bookkeeping and payroll can save you money! Let us show you how.

What is outsource bookkeeping?
Outsourced bookkeeping refers to having bookkeeping done by a third-party instead of an employee of the business.

 Most business owners do not know what it actually costs to have an employee do their bookkeeping. The cost of a bookkeeper is the sum of the bookkeeper’s wage and overhead costs. Overhead costs not only include benefits and office costs, but also the time it takes to train, supervise, and provide back-up for time off, etc. All of those costs are eliminated with outsourced bookkeeping, thereby costing less than an in-house employee.

 What does Outsourced Bookkeeping cost?
The cost is a little different for each business. Our bookkeeping rates start at $150.00 per month.

The more transactions each month and the number of bank reconciliations will affect the cost.

What does Outsourced Payroll cost?

 We have flat rates for payroll, which includes monthly withholding payments, quarterly filings, payments, and year end W-2 forms. Our payroll rates start at $65.00 per pay period and will increase with the complexity and number of employees.

What does it cost to form an LLC or Corporation?

LLC Formation – $250.00 (Takes up to 45 days)

LLC Formation expedited – $285 (Takes 3-5 business days)

Corporation Formation – $350 (45 days)

Corporation Expedited – $385 (3-5 days)

Our prices include all fees, 3 consecutive weeks of advertising articles of organization, obtaining EIN, and submitting affidavit to Corporation Commission.

If you would like more information, you can use the contact form below, or call us at: 602-550-7569 



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