QB Lessons

If you need help with Quickbooks set-up or training, please call us at: 602-550-7569 or email us at: dvbookkeeping@q.com

Change Preferences in Quickbooks

Organize Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks

How to Download & Use Quickbooks Replay

Quickbooks Files and Extensions

There are many Quickbooks files and extensions, but these are the most common ones you will use on a regular basis. It’s important to become familiar with these files, so you know which one to open and where they are located on your computer.

QBW. – Your original company file that you work on every day.

QBB. –  This is a backup file. You really should never open or restore a backup file unless the QBW. file has been corrupted.

QBX.  – Accountants review copy. This is the transfer file that you send your accountant to convert into an accountants copy.

QBA. – This is the accountants copy file which allows you to continue to work after, and allows me to work before, the dividing date (which is normally the end of the previous month).

QBY. – This is the accountant’s change file. This is the file your accountant sends back to you which integrates the changes with your QBW.

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