Paid Sick Leave Begins July 1st, 2017 in Arizona

The law mandating as many as 40 hours of paid sick leave — which was approved by voters last November as part of the Proposition 206 package that also hiked the state’s minimum wage — applies to virtually all businesses and non-profits with at least one Arizona employee.  That includes entities not headquartered in the state.

The only exceptions involve people employed by Arizona’s state government or the federal government, as well as sole proprietors.

All this means most Arizona workers — whether full-time or part-time, including temporary and seasonal staff — now will receive paid sick time. They will be able to use this benefit for a variety of reasons, with few questions asked.

The minimum requirements are 24 hours of paid sick time off annually for businesses with 14 or fewer workers, or 40 hours off for entities with 15 or more people. Employees begin accruing sick leave on the date they were hired or July 1, 2017, whichever is later. However, workers hired after July 1 might need to wait up to 90 days before using time off.

Paid sick leave is separate from vacation time. Companies and non-profits don’t need to provide paid vacation time under the law. Even though the trend lately has been for employers to lump paid time off for a number of purposes — sick leave, vacation days and holidays —It’s recommended having a separate written policy covering paid sick time only.

Companies operating primarily outside Arizona also are subject to the law.

A business or non-profit with 200 California workers and just one in Arizona would still need to offer paid sick time to that one person here.

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